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AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I Just....

Posted: 13 Nov 2012, 20:53
by Moradmin Bast
cant get to grips with the renaming of movie folders and files to this format...
Brick 2005 720p BluRay x264 TRiPS

so thats "{n} {y} which equals Brick 2005 :D so far so good

but when i try to add the rest it all goes pear shape on me!! (i know it's me, it got to be) :roll:

so i want "{n} {y} {vf} {source} {vc} {ac} {group}" and i get this????....... Brick 2005 720p x264 DTS THE

where am i going wrong?? Anyone shed some light on this please???
or can you just paste the code/formula please???/


Re: AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I Just....

Posted: 13 Nov 2012, 20:55
by Moradmin Bast
forgot to say, been trying to follow this page

Thanks again

Re: AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I Just....

Posted: 14 Nov 2012, 01:43
by rednoah
1. Paste

Code: Select all

{n} {y} {vf} {source} {vc} {ac} {group}
2. "Use Format"

* If there's a warning, you can ignore that. Just means you haven't set up an sample file (via (x)=) for the format engine to work with.
* If {vc} {ac} doesn't work you're either missing the correct mediainfo dlls
* {group} only works with known release groups: ... f=5&t=4#p4

EDIT: Actually I have no idea what you're asking for. Which binding is not working or not giving you the desired value?

Re: AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I Just....

Posted: 14 Nov 2012, 08:38
by Moradmin Bast
Thanks for the reply m8, you sort of answered my question without knowing what I was asking for :lol: ... f=5&t=4#p4

After looking at the link you provided, I can see there's a group called "THE" :shock: :shock: :oops: :oops:
I thought it was adding the at the end :roll:

It seems I was doing it right,except I was getting "THE" as the group instead of "TRiPS" it's done it for a couple now????

Unless the group "THE" is renaming the original file from the group " TRiPS"???? And re-releasing it under THE?, anyway I can live with that.

My thinking is, it'll be easier to search for the subs using the original file name...would that be correct?

And while I got your attention how the hell do I rename just the folders like the above formula or can I rename the folders and files at the same time, which would be a lot easier.

And I'd just like to add what fantastic powerfull piece of software this is!!! :P :P
I just got to learn how to use it, being a COMPLETE novice :mrgreen:

Re: AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I Just....

Posted: 14 Nov 2012, 08:53
by rednoah
{group} is just will grab the last occurance of a known release group name from file/folder names. e.g. "The Movie" => "The" become {group} for the lack of a better option, if the files is something like "Yadda Yadda 2010 TRiPS" {group} will return "TRiPS". Bottomline the release-group name must be in the filename.

EDIT: removed THE from the groups list. Stupid name, I don't care about them.

Probably best to grab subs before renaming. Though if OpenSubtitles moviehash works for that particular file then the filename doesn't matter.

Just put some path into the naming scheme and it'll organize things accordingly. This way you can reorganize files into a new structure. But not folders per se, just all your movies files. It'll automatically account for files that share the same name as your main movie files (e.g. will be handled same as movie.avi, but random.jpg will be ignore and not processed).

If you want to move/rename folders as a whole, read the FAQ or check the videos I posted on twitter.

Re: AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I Just....

Posted: 14 Nov 2012, 16:35
by Moradmin Bast
Right m8 thanks for the replies, finally got it working the way I want, nothing fancy or to technical lol

I just want my files and folders all named the way I like them.

I did have some trouble with the Link-drop, until I read these articles ... =Link+drop.

I didn't realise you had to hold down the shift-control- and drop!

Maybe you could put that in the FAQ to explain it??

Thats no critisim just a thought, especially for newbs like myself.

Once again thanks for the software guys, and thanks for the replies (thumbs up) :-)

Re: AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I Just....

Posted: 15 Nov 2012, 07:20
by rednoah
Added how to do a Link-Drop (Windows anyway) to the FAQ and linked the video tutorials as well. Should be more clear now.