Problem renaming files

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Problem renaming files

Post by greenythebeast » 18 Nov 2012, 17:43

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[email protected]:~# filebot -rename /mnt/user/Torrents --format "{n}" --db imdb -no-analytics -non-strict
Nov 18, 2012 11:41:47 AM net.sourceforge.tuned.prefs.FilePreferencesFactory getPreferencesFile
INFO: Preferences file is /root/
Rename movies using [IMDb]
Looking up movie by filehash via [IMDb]
IMDb: Hash lookup not supported
Auto-detect movie from context: [/mnt/user/Torrents/mi3.720p.x264-reveille.mkv]
Auto-detect movie from context: [/mnt/user/Torrents/mission.impossible.ghost.protocol.2011.720p.bluray.x264-sparks.mkv]
Auto-detect movie from context: [/mnt/user/Torrents/rev-mi.x264.mkv]
Auto-detect movie from context: [/mnt/user/Torrents/rev-mi2.x264.mkv]
Stripping invalid characters from new path: Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol
[MOVE] Rename [/mnt/user/Torrents/mission.impossible.ghost.protocol.2011.720p.bluray.x264-sparks.mkv] to [Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol.mkv]
[MOVE] Rename [/mnt/user/Torrents/mi3.720p.x264-reveille.mkv] to [User.mkv]
Skipped [/mnt/user/Torrents/rev-mi.x264.mkv] because [/mnt/user/Torrents/User.mkv] already exists
Skipped [/mnt/user/Torrents/rev-mi2.x264.mkv] because [/mnt/user/Torrents/User.mkv] already exists
Processed 4 files
Done ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ
Anyone know why a lot of my movies are being renamed to User.mkv?

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Re: Problem renaming files

Post by rednoah » 18 Nov 2012, 18:13

Since the whole path doesn't make much sense that's what you get (as you've specified via -non-strict).

User (2010)

IMDb doesn't have MI listed as alias for Mission Impossible

Added 'users' to the blacklist, so this issue will be gone by tomorrow (and mi12 will not be processed): ... ?f=3&t=359

EDIT: These things might work slightly better with TMDb, but some names might be to fucked up.
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