GPG file in the HEAD repository

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Re: GPG file in the HEAD repository

Post by kim »

I'm sorry to see this development, but I understand why... however you can still share the file with a different URL path.

I think you are going about this "patreon" the wrong way, too "under the radar"... maybe release a new Filebot version that inform and link to and with better info about how this works... as I read it:
"...$1,000 per release" = NO release if the goal isn't reached ?
if the goal isn't reached = users get nothing for their money ?
is the release a minor or major release ?
what if some feature stop working the next day after new release ?

"...$1,000 per release" = major release
"...$100 per release" = minor release
$5/10 per user = major release
$1 per user = minor release

If people do not know about this or it takes too long to reach the goal, people will move on and forget about Filebot, I think.
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Re: GPG file in the HEAD repository

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$1k is the absolute minimum target, but more would be better. Nobody gets charged anything until I publish a release and and collect one round of pledges.

:arrow: You can use Google / YouTube to learn more about how Patreon works. Support your favorite YouTube artists and see for yourself.

It's less about making money, and more about gauging the level of interest in continued support for Linux, and if anybody asks for updates then I have Patreon page I can refer people to, instead of just turning them down.

As long as FileBot 4.7.9 is around and works mostly just fine, I don't expect there to be much interest. But the Patreon page is there now, and we'll see how it goes.
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