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A Question about Sony and Marvel? H

Posted: 15 Nov 2018, 03:59
by jackmarison93
Hi, I wanted to know the degree of Marvel's and Sony's contract because It seems really bad to have a universe with Spiderman Characters like Venom, Carnage, and Kraven if there is no spiderman to accompany them. While I am happy the Sony Allowed Marvel to let spiderman join the MCU, it makes me sad that Kevin Feige would not let Tom Holland show up in Sony films. Maybe the best action is to have a combined universe in which Sony still gets decent profits for sharing the characters.

I just came back from watching Venom today, and while I thought the movie was okay, Tom Hardy is the reason why I liked some parts of the movie. In the movie, there were NO references to Spiderman or anything to indicate Venom exist in the Same Universe

How do you guys think Sony and Marvel should move forward? Sony is slated to be working on Morbius and Kraven movies, but I am honestly worried because I want a good scenario for both companies and Spiderman to be united with characters that Sony Owns.