Custom Page Scraper (e.g. Rename audiobooks via Audible)

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Custom Page Scraper (e.g. Rename audiobooks via Audible)

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Plain File Mode allows you to rename files based on information collected from arbitrary websites (e.g. HTML webpage, JSON API, XML API, etc) via your own custom code. This is an advanced feature and will require some coding skills to develop and modify to your needs. The examples below will get you started though, and may work for your use case with no or minimal customization.

e.g. Audible

Send HTTP requests to using the file name as search query and then scrape information from the first result in the HTML response.


Groovy: Select all

	def query =' ')
	def url = ''.toURL(keywords: query, ipRedirectOverride: true, overrideBaseCountry: true)
	def ul = html(url).select('li.authorLabel').first().parent()

	def title ='h3 a').text()
	def author ='li.authorLabel a').text()
	def narrator ='li.narratorLabel a').text()
	def series ='li.seriesLabel a').text()
	def book = any{'li.seriesLabel').text().tokenize().last() }{ null }

	if (series) {
		"~/Audible/$author/$series/$book - $title (narrated by $narrator)"	
	} else {
		"~/Audible/$author/$title (narrated by $narrator)"

:!: The example code above assumes that the files at hand are already well-named. The filename is used verbatim as search query to and so you may need to modify the code to fit your needs if your files are named differently and thus require some additional logic to extract the appropriate search query for each file:

Code: Select all

The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien.mp3
The Hobbit.mp3
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