Automation with with qbittorrent and arr's

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Automation with with qbittorrent and arr's

Post by psychicsubset »

I was reading some of the fourms in regards to adding a script to qbittorrent so that files would be renamed after the download finishes, my question is does this prevent sonarr and radar from snatching the files before they are done ? would I add the script to the section that says "when torrent is added" or in the section that states "when torrent is finished downloading"


is there a way to just have it monitor for newly added folders/file and automatically rename them

the second thing I need help with is the script exactly kinda got confused reading how to set it up.

my OS is unbuntu running on the latest version
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Re: Automation with with qbittorrent and arr's

Post by rednoah »

:idea: filebot is not aware of *arr nor qBT. filebot is a command-line tool that simply does what it is told. filebot does not know or care who or what is calling filebot commands.

:idea: If you have multiple tools moving away newly completed files, then that would certainly open you up for strange race conditions depending on the random timing of things. You ideally want to not touch things, not move things away, interfere with things, etc. You can of course hardlink or reflink files instead of moving them, as to avoid changes in the input folder.

:arrow: The amc script manual has the exact instructions for qBT. If something does not work as expected, run the command yourself and / or check the log.

:arrow: Watching folders for changes, and then calling filebot on those changes, is of course possible, though not recommended, as it adds complexity and randomness. See How do I monitor a folder and call filebot on newly added files? › bash and inotify-tools on Linux for details if you choose to go this path.
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.
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