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"No Missing Subtitles"

Posted: 02 Mar 2023, 23:12
by Paulamonopoly
Hello, I'm currently trying to get subtitles for my library. My file format is .m3u8 with playlist chunks and the file structure for my movies and shows is as follows.

Format: /TMDB_ID/TMDB_ID.m3u8
Example: /616037/616037.m3u8

Format: /TMDB_ID/Season/Episode/Episode.m3u8
Example: /1402/1/1/1.m3u8

I have cd into the directory and then run the below command:

Code: Select all

filebot -get-subtitles -r /blah/blah/616037 -non-strict
However it's returning the error "No missing subtitles", now I imagine this is going to be down to my naming scheme and likely nothing I can do about it, especially with shows, however I was hoping movies would work at the very least ? They contain themoviedb id so should be pretty simple right ?

Other information:

Ubunutu 20.08 Server
Filebot running fine installed via .sh not snap.

Any help would be fantastic, thanks :)

Re: "No Missing Subtitles"

Posted: 03 Mar 2023, 06:37
by rednoah
-get-subtitles can only find subtitles for video files. .m3u8 are not video files, and so there are no missing subtitles for any video files since there are no video files. Newer FileBot revisions will say "No video files" instead.

:idea: If you were to be processing actual video files, then it might work better, but your unusual naming scheme would probably still interfere with filename-based lookup and matching:

:idea: FileBot does just not interpret any random long number as TMDB ID. However, a standard pattern such as tt1234567 (i.e. IMDB ID) or {tmdb-12345} should work. You can generate *.url or *.nfo files with TMDB or IMDB links to help things along. You can also use --q to manually specify the query, but I'm not sure if OpenSubtitles interprets numbers as IDs instead of search terms. My educated guess is that OpenSubtitles will not interpreted numbers as IDs, especially not as TMDB ID numbers.