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[FAQ] How do I share MediaInfo properties?

Posted: 11 Jul 2023, 11:19
by rednoah
:idea: Please use FileBot to export the MediaInfo properties that FileBot sees via the built-in libmediainfo library. Use the Copy to Clipboard button to copy the MediaInfo table to the clipboard and then paste the contents on for easy sharing.

:!: DO NOT use the standalone MediaInfo tool. (NOTE: we want to see the raw MediaInfo table that FileBot sees and not the human-readable summary that the MediaInfo tool will give you)


Use the built-in MediaInfo Inspector to export raw MediaInfo properties for a selected file:

Icon Open FileBot ➔ Icon Edit Format ➔ Icon Change Sample ➔ Icon Select Media File ➔ Icon Open MediaInfo ➔ Copy to Clipboard



Use the mediainfo script to export raw MediaInfo properties for all your files:

Shell: Select all

filebot -script fn:mediainfo /path/to/files