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Release notes and future plans
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FileBot 4.0

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FileBot 4.0 is finally out! Get it here!

This new major release comes with massive improvements in all the core functionalities and lots of bugfixes. It's smarter, faster, superior in every aspect and generally more streamlined to get things done fast and exactly the way you want.

* Massively improved subtitle lookup and auto-selection
* Improved fault-tolerance for OpenSubtitles
* Improved local index and handling of alias names
* Open Episode/Movie matches with the Format Editor (via double-click)
* Support subtitle naming preferences
* Support fetching episode list directly from Rename panel
* Series auto-completion in Episodes panel
* Meta-Attributes Tool in Analyze panel
* Performance improvements for series, movie and subtitle auto-detection
* Groovy Scratch Pad (F5)
* Scripts have been moved to GitHub and are resolved against the GitHub repository

* Improved support for Brazilian Portuguese as a separate Language
* {lang} binding is now of type Language instead of Locale
* When copying files do so with all metadata and attributes
* Allow case-sensitive renaming on Windows
* Force alphabetic file order when dropping in folders
* Automatically clear caches on start-up for each new application revision
* Support new option --conflict auto which will only override inferior files
* Allow calling filebot -check on multiple files
* -DuseExtendedAttributes and -DuseCreationDate can now be set separately

Re: OpenCandy
In addition starting with this release the Windows installer does no longer bundle OpenCandy advertisements. I'll definitely feel better about funding my work with donations and I'm sure most of you would agree. So if you like open-source software and free services make sure to donate often and plenty to all the excellent and free products you're probably using on a daily basis. Do so right now. ;)

:idea: All 3.x versions are deprecated effective immediately.
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.
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