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help required to rename tv series

Posted: 25 Sep 2023, 21:55
by newbie2filebot
hi as the name suggests i am a newbie i had a years licence and not really used it until today

anyway for some reason i have entered the files line of duty season 6 in this case then clicked on the match rename and none of the databases have the episodes names the movie database /tv database/tv maze so i am only getting line of duty s06e01 episode 1 instead of the epsiode name

i have checked tvdb tvmaze the movie dd but as none have them is there a way i could enter the titles myself on any of these sites

or better still able to use imdb as this is one of the largest and has most the episode titles on there this would be the best souloution if i could match it to imdb ... elbp7xsj9e ... lqniutw2e9

Re: help required to rename tv series

Posted: 25 Sep 2023, 22:22
by rednoah
TMDB / TVDB / TVmaze are built by the community and all of them allow for changes and contributions. Please check the forum for your preferred database if you run into issues contributing episode titles.

:arrow: TMDB: You may need to talk to the moderators since some episodes seem to be locked (perhaps in error) and do not allow editing: ... uage=en-US

:arrow: TMDB: I was able to edit some other Episode items though: ... uage=en-US

:arrow: TVDB: I was able to add missing episode titles, so I'll leave the rest up to you: ... official/5

:idea: After manually contributing episode titles, you may need to wait some time for the changes to be available via the API. You may use Clear Cache to reset client-side caching.

:idea: Also, please read [FAQ] How can I share screenshots on the internet? since Dropbox unfortunately does not allow you to embed shared images in external websites.

Re: help required to rename tv series

Posted: 26 Sep 2023, 11:53
by newbie2filebot
ok many thanks but i am having issues with changing the name on tvdb how do i change say
line of duty s2e1 it just says episode 1 how do i rename it to The Ambush

i have tried clicking on edit the write in ambush where it says new but this changed the eps to s2e00

the only way i have found is add a episode but this then left s2e00 and only way i could get rid of it was send to unsigned

so how do i just change Episode to the name ??

Re: help required to rename tv series

Posted: 26 Sep 2023, 12:30
by rednoah
You seem to have deleted the first episode, then added another S02E02 with "The Ambush" as title... Why? ... official/2


Since all the episodes are already there, you just need to click on Edit Translations then English then enter the correct English episode title. Please refrain from adding or deleting episodes or changing episode numbers if you don't know what you're doing, since it affects everyone.


I now see that you have added lots of new Episode entries, then moved the original to Unassigned, so now all your new Episodes don't have airdate, don't have DVD order numbers, don't have Absolute order numbers. What were you thinking?


I will now try to undo the damage you have caused. Please DO NOT TOUCH the database anymore. You're causing more harm than good.

Re: help required to rename tv series

Posted: 26 Sep 2023, 12:59
by newbie2filebot
ok thanks for showing me i am able to do it now !!!!!