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FileBot 3.0

Posted: 11 Aug 2012, 04:28
by rednoah
FileBot 3.0

+ [Windows XP, Vista, 7+] Use native shell operations for MOVE and COPY
+ Support all rename actions (move, copy, hardlink, ...) in GUI as well as cmdline
+ New absolute rename mode that doesn't preserve file extension
+ Improved movie/series auto-detection and episode matching
+ Rainbow highlighting of folder structure
+ Double-Click list entry to reveal file location or open movie page
+ Improved subtitle auto-matching (esp. for movies)

Changes / Fixed Issues:
* Update/Fix Subscene scraper
* Update/Fix Sublight (needs to be configured via filebot fn:configure.login)
* {vf} now rounds to standard tags like 1080p, 720p, 480p, etc; {hpi} will give you exact values
* New binding {collection} for movie sets
* Make sure to ignore IMDb video game type search results
* Treat folders that contain 'movie.nfo' as disk folder, i.e. rename/move folder as a whole, rather than individual files
* Lots of bugfixes and other improvements

* Bundle Groovy 2.0 with all dependencies for AntBuilder and @Grape
* Changed cmdline syntax for passing in variables (e.g. --def name=value)
* Support for passing in Closure as RenameAction (e.g. replace rename with scp/ftp to remote location or any other custom logic)
* Updated cleaner.groovy, watcher.groovy, housekeeping.groovy, etc with extra default functionality

uTorrent / deluge Integration:
* Force movie/tv/anime mode via the torrent label
* Improved movie-vs-series auto-detection
* Only extract archives that contain video files
* Adhere to XBMC naming conventions when saving artwork
* Support FanartTV for extra artwork
* More data for generated nfo files
* Support Plex notifications
* Support email notifications out of the box
* Allow the script to crash on error via --conflict fail