FileBot 2.3 released !!

Release notes and future plans
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FileBot 2.3 released !!

Post by rednoah »

Lots of things coming together for this release. Mostly improvements on existing stuff, be more smart about things and of course lots of bugfixes and little improvements everywhere.

This release features:
+ Improved Deployment / Make cmdline work out of the box
+ Improved automated subtitle match & download
+ Efficient mass-renaming of any number of folders/files
+ Mismatch highlighting
+ Improved File<->Episode matching logic
+ Improved Scripting Environment (support for "execute cmd" and "watch folder")

* Fixed various Java 7 problems
* Fixed movie lookup problems
* Improved caching of episode data
* Added bindings {sxe} {s00e00} {ws}
* Fixed lots of minor bugs / issues

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+ New Forums:
+ Video Tutorial:

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