Deleting unwanted files

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Deleting unwanted files

Post by Bonisagus » 16 May 2018, 14:32

Hi, just bought filebot to replace therenamer after theTVDB's revamp.

Looking good so far, and I'm primarily using presets in the GUI while I get used to things, I send TV & movies to several different locations for plex libraries.

My question, I can filter just video files easily enough, but is there a way instead to remove (delete) the txt and nfo files (for example) that come with downloads in most cases? I've had a quick look, but either I've missed it or it isn't as easy as I might hope. It just helps to keep the download folders tidy.

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Re: Deleting unwanted files

Post by rednoah » 16 May 2018, 15:58

Unfortunately, FileBot doesn't have a batch delete feature, at least not for the GUI. There's plenty of tools that can do just that though, with or without GUI.

e.g. with filebot scripting:

e.g. with system tools:
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