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Check out FileBot 2.5 !!

Posted: 20 Feb 2012, 07:24
by rednoah
FileBot 2.5 is out! Get it here!

This release adds lots of new things requested by the community like support for disk folders, configurable episode sort order (Airdate vs DVD) and improved movie detection and episode matching.

New features:
+ Support renaming/moving of disk folders (BR, DVD, VCD, etc)
+ Improved movie auto-detection / matching
+ Improved support for date-based shows
+ Customizable episode sort order (Airdate, DVD, Absolute)
+ {info} binding for all sorts of series / movie info like director, genres, certification, rating, etc
+ Support ascii-conversion in naming scheme {.ascii()}
+ Java 6 backwards-compatibility for scripting (filebot -script ...)

Noteworty new naming scheme bindings:
Check it out! Now you can do stuff like this here.

Code: Select all

{n} ({y}) by {director} [{genres[0]}, {certification}, {rating}]
=> The Terminator (1984) by James Cameron [Action, PG-13, 8.5]
Thanks to everybody that reported issues and helped with testing!