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by JFMillerUSA
29 Aug 2019, 17:56
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Topic: Series ID
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Re: Series ID

Can I chime in. I'm using amc script and having issues with Ghost Hunters new season which is labeled 'Ghost Hunters (2019) S01E??', but TVDBs Series ID labels it 'Ghost Hunters S12E??' and filebot wants to name it 'Ghost Hunters S01E??'. I'm having to weekly run filebot manualy to change it. Any he...
by JFMillerUSA
06 Apr 2014, 04:44
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Topic: Television shows not renaming in uTorrent
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Television shows not renaming in uTorrent

"C:\Program Files\FileBot\filebot.launcher.exe" -script fn:amc --action move --conflict override -non-strict "%D" --def "seriesFormat=C:/Users/Jeremy/Videos/Television/{n}/{n}.{s00e00}.{t}" "movieFormat=C:/Users/Jeremy/Videos/Old Movies/{n.replaceFirst(/^(?i)(The)\s(.+)/, /$2, $1/)}[0]/{n} ({y}){\"...
by JFMillerUSA
03 Apr 2014, 06:24
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Topic: POSTBUCKET - where random posts in unrelated topics go
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Re: [SNIPPET] Put the "The" at the end

trying to make a batch file for uTorrent and my movie IF doesn't seem to work but the Television does any ideas IF %1==11 ( IF /I %2==Television ("C:\Program Files\FileBot\filebot.exe" -rename %3 --db thetvdb --action move --conflict override -non-strict --output C:\Users\Jeremy\Videos\Television --...