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by shreyas1122
02 Mar 2019, 13:25
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Re: MediaInfo Inspector

I would like to use {video[0].frameRate} in an IF condition, I'm not able to figure out how to do it.
i tried printing the framerate on the gui and then comparing as float num and string, but it always returns a 'false' : {video[0].frameRate > 1.0 }

Any help ??
Thanks (Y)
by shreyas1122
19 Apr 2017, 01:34
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Topic: After creators update filebot wont open
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Re: After creators update filebot wont open

hi, i have the same problem. i looked at the task manager and confirmed that the software is indeed not running.
so dragging the window on screen is not an option.

EDIT: there appears some error with the java run time env.

screenshot :