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by Razorman
24 May 2018, 01:30
Forum: Windows 10
Topic: Benefits of donating
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Re: Benefits of donating

I am happily using the 'free' version 4.7.9, I get 2 nags, 1 telling me about a new version and 1 after I have converted files saying that I can donate, I decided to donate, it suggested 10 Euros which I did but I am still getting the donate nag. What was the point of donating? If you want to stop ...
by Razorman
24 May 2018, 01:21
Forum: Windows 10
Topic: No free version anymore?
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Re: No free version anymore?

Nothing in life is free. With all due respect, you're wrong. Linux is free, the vast majority of open-source software is free. Maybe you have to pay in terms of time to learn the software, but you have to do the same with paid software as well. Also FileBot used to be free (for Windows anyway), and...