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by yob
06 Jul 2018, 21:51
Forum: Help and Support
Topic: Keeping tags like REPACK,PROPER...
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Re: Keeping tags like REPACK,PROPER...

With next version I'm gonna at function matchAll that'll make it easier to match many tags. Also making things case-insensitive by default. e.g. {fn.matchAll(/repack|proper|extended/).join('.').lower().upperInitial()} Shouldn't this also be possible with a foreach somehow? Could use a foreach alot,...
by yob
04 Jul 2018, 09:50
Forum: Scripting and Automation
Topic: comments in @file syntax?
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Re: comments in @file syntax?

FileBot is heavily caching everything. You will not be able to get yourself banned with normal usage and testing like this. ;) There is some developer options you can set if you want to see what kinda data FileBot is fetching. Since there is no simple "Thanks Button". Thanks a lot, got it working :)
by yob
03 Jul 2018, 22:37
Forum: Episode / Movie Naming Scheme
Topic: Multiple audio tracks with different codecs and languages
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Re: Multiple audio tracks with different codecs and languages

I added .take(3) after the tokenize. { import java.math.RoundingMode import net.filebot.Language // map Codec + Format Profile def mCFP = [ "AC3" : "AC3", "AC3+" : "E-AC3", "AAC LC LC" : "AAC-LC", "AAC LC SBR HE AAC LC" : "HE-AAC" ] def audioClean = { it.replaceAll(/[\p{Pd}\p{Space}]/, ' ').replace...