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by GhostOfSparta
15 Nov 2019, 06:37
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Topic: Invaild XML Error
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Re: Invaild XML Error

I think thetvdb's API just changed where it's using cloudfront (AWS CDN) to enforce redirects from http -> https and filebot's not properly following the redirect on some (possibly older?) versions. Rename episodes using [TheTVDB] Auto-detected query: [young sheldon] Fetch failed:
by GhostOfSparta
27 Sep 2018, 15:26
Forum: Help and Support
Topic: Filebot-node arbitrary api calls
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Re: Filebot-node arbitrary api calls

The AMC script is the main objective. The main reason I prefer web requests is that it's much easier on docker. Containers on the same network have names, for example if both NZBGet and Transmission are on the same docker network I can call the respective APIs from one container to the other throug...
by GhostOfSparta
02 Sep 2018, 19:34
Forum: Windows 10
Topic: Can I convert a Windows 10 purchase to a universal license?
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Re: Registration

I am however known for issuing free 1 year universal licenses on a case by case basis for users that have accidentally purchased FileBot on the Microsoft Store but then need Linux support as well. Piggy-backing on this post, I'll create a new topic if you think it's necessary. I bought the windows ...