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by Benj851
27 May 2020, 13:17
Forum: Scripting and Automation
Topic: How to extract and rename?
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Re: How to extract and rename?

Is there a command to use filebot to extract recursively? Ex. Main folder > Folder1 > .rar1,.rar2 etc. Then Main folder > Folder 2> Folder 2a >rar1, rar2 etc.

Would it just be: filebot -extract /path/to/archives/* --output /output/folder/
by Benj851
22 Dec 2018, 02:14
Forum: Windows 10
Topic: Utorrent Call not working.
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Utorrent Call not working.

I'm sure there are hundreds of similar threads, and would love a few sent my way since I'm struggling here. Just got Filebot and Love it. I love the cmdline call I can pass in. But the call to AMC through utorrent fails to work everytime. Tried a few different versions, then wasn't sure what was wro...