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by INUlobo
22 Jan 2020, 00:55
Forum: Scripting and Automation
Topic: AMC Python Scrip Change Default Db?
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AMC Python Scrip Change Default Db?

Is it possible to change the default renaming database? I know in command line you can just do --db TVMaze. I am not the greatest with python so any help would be great. import sys import subprocess # configuration output = 'F:\_SortingEpisodes' # custom formats (use / instead of \ as directory sepa...
by INUlobo
17 Mar 2019, 17:15
Forum: Episode / Movie Naming Scheme
Topic: Episode Format
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Episode Format

Hello, I am pretty new with filebot and I ran into something I cant find a solution for. I have multiple drives. One for TV shows, One for anime, and One for movies. I want to be able to have the anime stuff go to the anime drive and the TV shows to go to the TV drive. Right now I manually move them...