Moving extra files to new folder

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Moving extra files to new folder

Post by casperse » 03 Aug 2019, 11:03


I have been using the change extension for a long time nfo --> nfo-org
that moves any nofo file to the new folder structure

I haven't found a way to move existing jpg files to the new folder keeping the existing names.
So would it be possible to use the same nfo--> nfo-org {'.'+lang}.{ext.replace('nfo', 'nfo-orig')} but just keep jpg --> jpg

I have read other post asking for a way to move existing files to the new location and that it was not a feature in the GUI
Hoping to find a way around it ;)

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{n.replace(':',' - ')} ({y})/{n.replace(':',' - ')} ({y}) [{SOURCE+'.'}{VF}{'.'+VC}{'.'+BITDEPTH+'Bit'}{'.'+AC}{'.'+AF}{'.'+fn.match(/Atmos/)}]{'.'+lang}.{ext.replace('nfo', 'nfo-orig')}
Basically moving any *.jpg file to the new folder?
Hope this make sense...

Best regards

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Re: Moving extra files to new folder

Post by rednoah » 03 Aug 2019, 16:01

Does FileBot match *.jpg files to movie objects?

If yes, then the format is applied and you can do what you want.
If no, then the format is irrelevant because there is no file/movie match to format.

:idea: FileBot has some level of support for processing arbitrary companion files alongside their movies files, but only if they match by name (e.g. Avatar-poster.jpg, Avatar-metadata.json, etc match Avatar.mp4).
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.

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