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Clean folders

Posted: 19 May 2022, 19:59
by HtRabbit
i want to clean folder after the rename. what is the best way to do this.
i tried a preset but i clearly do not know what i am doing Image

Re: Clean folders

Posted: 19 May 2022, 20:49
by rednoah
:!: Format Expression refers to the custom naming scheme:

:idea: --apply clean is a command-line option. The GUI will do --apply prune by default (cannot be disabled) and cannot do --apply clean (cannot be enabled) so that you can't accidentally delete all your files.

:idea: However, you can create a *.cmd file and call the cleaner script, and then call / double-click that on demand.

:arrow: Personally, I would process all the files in the /input folder as usual, and not worry about left-behind junk files at all, and then just delete the entire /input folder and whatever is left inside at a later point in time, after all the video files have been moved to their final destination.