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You can define your own episode and movie naming schemes. Built-in bindings such as {plex} can be used unmodified, or as a starting point for your own custom format.

Simple things are easy. Complex things are just as easy, if you're familiar with Groovy scripting. There are many bindings that can serve as building blocks for you to write your own custom format tailored to your liking with ease.

You will find many examples for all kinds of custom use cases. Ready for you to just copy & paste,
and (optionally) customize to your needs.


{n} - {s00e00} - {t}Dark Angel - S03E01 - Labyrinth

V:/TV Shows/{n}/Season {s}/{sxe} - {t}V:\TV Shows\Dark Angel\Season 3\3x01 - Labyrinth


{n} ({y}){" CD$pi"}The Man from Earth (2007) CD1

{n} [{y}] {vf} {af}The Man from Earth [2007] 720p 6ch

Advanced Examples


{n} ({y}) by {director} [{genres[0]}, {certification}, {rating}]The Terminator (1984) by James Cameron [Action, PG-13, 8.5]



{n} [{airdate.format('yyyy.MM.dd')}] {t}The Daily Show [2010.01.05] George Lucas

E:/Complete/{n} ({y}){'/Season '+s}/{s00e00} - {t}Rename and move files. The directory structure is completely up to you.

{n.replaceTrailingBrackets()} - {sxe} - {t.removeAll(/[!?.]+$/)
.replaceAll(/[`´‘’ʻ]/, "'").lowerTrail().replacePart(', Part $1')}
My personal favorite. Pretty much 1x01, normalizing accents, and lots of other cleanup operations.

Binding Reference source

Name Description Example Type
n movie / series name Dark Angel String
y movie / series year 2009 Integer
s season number 3 Integer
e episode number 1 Integer
sxe season / episode number 1x01 String
s00e00 season / episode number S01E01 String
t episode title Labyrinth String
d airdate 2009-06-01 Date
startdate series start date 2002-09-20 Date
absolute absolute episode number 42 Integer
ny name (year) Avatar (2009) String
es episode numbers [1, 2, 3] Integer*
sy season years [2002, 2003] Integer*
sc season count 5 Integer
di duplicate index 1 Integer
dc duplicate count 2 Integer
age age in days 7 Integer
special special number 1 Integer
episode episode object Firefly - 1x01 - Serenity Episode
series series object <series properties> Series
primaryTitle primary name Juuni Kokuki String
alias alias names [Juuni Kokuki, ...] String
movie movie object Avatar (2009) Movie
id movie / series ID 1437 Integer
tmdbid TheMovieDB ID 1437 Integer
tvdbid TheTVDB ID 78874 Integer
imdbid IMDb ID tt0756683 String
pi part index 1 Integer
pc part count 2 Integer
lang subtitle language eng Language
subt subtitle tag .eng.forced String
plex Plex Naming Standard <relative path> File
kodi Kodi Naming Standard <relative path> File
emby Emby Naming Standard <relative path> File
jellyfin Jellyfin Naming Standard <relative path> File
az sort collection letter A String
object match object Firefly - 1x01 - Serenity Object
type object type Episode String
anime is anime episode false true | false
regular is regular episode true true | false
music music object Leona Lewis - I See You AudioTrack
medium medium index 1 Integer
album album Avatar String
artist track artist Leona Lewis String
albumArtist album artist James Horner String
actors list of actors [Zoe Saldana, ...] String*
director movie director James Cameron String
collection movie collection Avatar Collection String
ci movie collection index 1 Integer
cy movie collection years [1977, 2019] Integer*
decade movie decade 1970 Integer
genre primary genre Science Fiction String
genres all genres [Science Fiction, ...] String*
language original language eng Language
languages spoken languages [eng] Language*
country origin country KR String
runtime movie / episode runtime 162 Integer
certification content rating PG-13 String
rating movie rating 7.4 Decimal
votes movie votes 17720 Integer
vcf video compression format HEVC String
vc video codec library x264 String
ac audio codec ac3 String
cf container format mkv String
vf standard video format 1080p String
hpi exact video format 384i String
aco audio codec profile TrueHD+Atmos String
acf audio channel format DD5.1 String
af audio channel count 6ch ChannelCount
channels audio channel layout 5.1 ChannelCount
resolution video resolution 3840x2160 String
width video width 3840 Integer
height video height 2160 Integer
bitdepth video bitdepth 10 Integer
hdr high dynamic range HDR String
dovi Dolby Vision Dolby Vision String
bitrate overall bitrate 2.0 Mbps BitRate
vbr video bitrate 1.6 Mbps BitRate
abr audio bitrate 192 kbps BitRate
fps frame rate 23.976 fps FrameRate
khz sampling rate 44.1 kHz String
ar aspect ratio 16∶9 String
ws widescreen tag WS String
hd video definition class UHD String
dt media creation date <date and time> Instant
vs source class BluRay String
source source match BD25 String
edition movie edition Extended Edition String
tags movie tags [Extended Edition] String*
s3d stereoscopic 3D tag 3D SBS String
group release group ALLiANCE String
original original file name Serenity String
historic original path <bindings> [String:Any]
info extended metadata <all properties> [String:Any]
omdb OMDb info <all properties> [String:Any]
localize dynamic localization <languages> [String:Any]
order dynamic episode order <episode orders> [String:Any]
db dynamic cross-reference <mapper> [String:Any]
fn current file name Serenity String
ext file extension mkv String
f file object <file path> File
folder folder object <folder path> File
drive file system root <folder path> File
files file group <file paths> File*
relativeFile relative library path <relative path> File
mediaFile primary media file <file path> File
mediaFileName primary media file name Serenity String
mediaTitle embedded media title Serenity String
audioLanguages audio streams <audio languages> Language*
textLanguages subtitle streams <subtitle languages> Language*
duration media duration PT23M9.974S Duration
seconds duration in seconds 1389 Integer
minutes duration in minutes 23 Integer
hours duration in HH:mm 0:23 String
bytes file size 356 MB FileSize
megabytes file size in MB 356 MB FileSize
gigabytes file size in GB 0.4 GB FileSize
ct file creation date <date and time> Instant
crc32 CRC32 checksum 3E16AF40 String
media media properties <media properties> [String:String]
video video streams <video streams> [String:String]*
audio audio streams <audio streams> [String:String]*
text subtitle streams <subtitle streams> [String:String]*
image image properties <image properties> [String:String]
exif EXIF image metadata <image properties> [String:String]
camera photo camera <camera properties> [String:String]
location photo location <location properties> [String:String]
today current date 2022-08-08 Date
home user home folder <folder path> File
output --output folder <folder path> File
defines --def parameters <script parameters> [String:String]
label --def label value <label parameter> String
self match bindings <bindings> [String:Any]
model match context <list of bindings> [String:Any]*
episodelist series context <list of bindings> [String:Any]*
AnimeList Anime Lists mapper <mapping> Episode
XEM XEM mapper <mapping> Episode

Function Reference source

String.pad(length, padding = "0") Pad to length using the given character. (e.g. "1" ➔ "01")

String.match(pattern) Find and match a pattern, or unwind if the given pattern cannot be found.

String.matchAll(pattern) Find and match all occurrences of a pattern, or unwind if the given pattern cannot be found.

String.removeAll(pattern) Remove all occurrences of the given pattern. (e.g. "Wham!" ➔ "Wham")

String.replace(pattern:replacement) Replace all occurrences of the given patterns. (e.g. "apple" ➔ "orange") Replace all spaces. (e.g. "Doctor Who" ➔ "Doctor_Who")

String.colon(replacement) Find and replace colons. (e.g. "Sissi: The Young Empress" ➔ "Sissi - The Young Empress")

String.slash(replacement)Replace all slashes. (e.g. "V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC" ➔ "V_MPEG4.ISO.AVC")

String.validateFileName() Strip special characters. (e.g. ".hack" ➔ "hack")

String.lower() Convert all characters to lower case. (e.g. "Firelfy" ➔ "firefly")

String.upper() Convert all characters to upper case. (e.g. "Firelfy" ➔ "FIREFLY")

String.upperInitial() Convert all initial characters to upper case. (e.g. "The Day a new Demon was born" ➔ "The Day A New Demon Was Born")

String.lowerTrail() Convert all trailing characters to lower case. (e.g. "Gundam SEED" ➔ "Gundam Seed")

String.sortName() Convert to sort name. (e.g. "The Walking Dead" ➔ "Walking Dead")

String.initialName() Reduce first name to initials. (e.g. "James Cameron" ➔ "J. Cameron")

String.before(pattern) Match substring before the given pattern or return the original value.

String.after(pattern) Match substring before the given pattern or return the original value.

String.replaceAll(pattern, replacement) Replace all occurances of the given pattern.

String.replaceTrailingBrackets(replacement = "") Replace trailing round brackets. (e.g. "The IT Crowd (UK)" ➔ "The IT Crowd")

String.replacePart(replacement = "") Replace trailing part number. (e.g. "Today Is the Day (1)" ➔ "Today Is the Day, Part 1")

String.matchBrackets() Match occurances of values enclosed in round brackets, square brackets or curly brackets.

String.acronym() Convert to acronym. (e.g. "Deep Space 9" ➔ "DS9")

String.roman() Replace numbers 1..12 with Roman numerals. (e.g. "Star Wars: Episode 4" ➔ "Star Wars: Episode IV")

String.clean() Strip invalid characters and release information. (e.g. "Sissi: The Young Empress" ➔ "Sissi The Young Empress")

String.ascii() Convert Unicode characters to ASCII. (e.g. "カタカナ" ➔ "katakana")

String.transliterate(identifier)Apply any ICU script transliteration. (e.g. "中国" ➔ "zhōng guó")

Number.pad(length, padding = "0") Pad to length using the given character. (e.g. "1" ➔ "01")

Number.round(precision, padding = "0") Round decimal number to precision. (e.g. 3.14 ➔ "3")

List.joining(delimiter, prefix = "", suffix = "") Format a list of values. (e.g. [2001, 2002] ➔ "(2001-2002)")

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