[DOCS] {historic} file path bindings

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[DOCS] {historic} file path bindings

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The {historic} dynamic binding will give you access to the original file path from the local rename history for the file at hand.

e.g. previous file path:

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{ historic.f }

e.g. previous folder path:

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{ historic.folder }

e.g. previous file name:

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{ historic.fn }

e.g. you can use the {historic} binding in combination with --file-filter to select only files that have not yet been processed and thus don't yet have a record in the local rename history:

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none{ historic }

{historic.f} is particularly useful for -exec expressions that need to access the previous file path (as opposed to the new current file path) for newly processed files:
rednoah wrote: 14 Sep 2019, 19:43 e.g. call a custom script and pass along file paths and metadata:

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-exec /path/to/script.sh {f} {historic.f} {json}
:arrow: [DOCS] -exec custom post-process commands
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