Errors issue since update to Windows 10 store FileBot

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Errors issue since update to Windows 10 store FileBot

Post by ohadbenita »

Hi there,

I've been using FileBot for quite some time now without issues
Ever since buying the app from the windows store I started having failures, giving the following log :

Code: Select all

[COPY] from [\\freenas.local\storage\Incoming\Billy Elliot 2000 720p BRrip ac3 DiVERSiTY.avi] to [\\freenas.local\storage\Movies\Billy Elliot (2000)\Billy Elliot (2000).avi]
Processed 0 files
Failure (°_°)

Code: Select all

cmd /K cd /d "C:\Users\svc\AppData\Local\Microsoft\WindowsApps" & filebot -script fn:amc --def "seriesFormat=TV Shows/{n}/Season {s}/{fn}" --output "\\freenas.local\storage" --action copy --conflict override -non-strict --def subtitles=en artwork=n "ut_dir=%D" "ut_file=%F" "ut_kind=%K" "ut_title=%N" "ut_label=%L" "ut_state=%S" --def gmail=*****:***** --def [email protected] --def xbmc=nuc >>"d:\Dropbox\Media Center\logs\FileBot.log" & exit 2>&1
SysInfo output -

How can we start tackling this issue ?

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Re: Errors issue since update to Windows 10 store FileBot

Post by rednoah »

Please use the --log-file option. The log you posted seems complete, as if you're only showing me the standard output, but not the error output, which would contain the interesting error message.

:idea: You're only only redirection STDOUT, but not STDERR. Evidently you tried and failed, because you're redirecting STDERR correctly for the exit command, but not for the filebot command. ;)

Your cmd script seems really strange. You don't need cd, or exit or anything other than the filebot command. I'd stick to the official instructions if you're using filebot with utorrent.

Here's a few things you could try:
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.
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