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Updateing to 4.8.2 from 4.7.9

Posted: 02 Dec 2018, 00:00
by n4ken
I'm sure it must be me but I'm unable to update to the latest version 4.8.2.
I've downloaded the latest jar file and copied it into the istallation folder but I get an erro message about faulty install?
The original jar file was 79.7 mb. The latest version is only 3.28 mb? clearly something is wrong. I have tried to download four times with the same result. What am I doing wrong? Am I missing something new?
Hope you can help.
Regards n4ken

Re: Updateing to 4.8.2 from 4.7.9

Posted: 02 Dec 2018, 03:30
by rednoah
Things have changed. There's no fat jar anymore.

If you're on Windows, then you can just download the Windows MSI package or the Windows Portable ZIP package:

You can also try the latest and greatest [BETA] FileBot 4.8.5 here:

Re: Updateing to 4.8.2 from 4.7.9

Posted: 02 Dec 2018, 17:58
by n4ken
Thanks for your usual very prompt response.
I've already tried what you suggested but did it again just to keep up with your advice and be in the same place.
The problem is I've lost my registration now!
How do I get it back again?

Re: Updateing to 4.8.2 from 4.7.9

Posted: 02 Dec 2018, 19:24
by rednoah
What registration are you talking about exactly?

4.7.9 had no license system at all, so there's nothing you could have lost.

4.8.2 does have the new license system and does require a license.


Your old posts suggests that you have purchased FileBot on the Windows Store, which means that you have to install FileBot via the Windows Store. In this case, updates are then handled by Windows itself as well.

Re: Updateing to 4.8.2 from 4.7.9

Posted: 02 Dec 2018, 22:51
by n4ken
Hi again...
OK so 4.7.9 runs fine and now offers an update to 4.8.2 When I download and install it then states Unregistered.
Windows store advises that Filebot is installed and offers to buy it but NO mention of updateing.
4.7.9 runs fine I only tried the update as it was offered, I don't run the desktop utility very often as scripts to do what I need.
I've switched back to a backup of 4.7.9 for now... but I'm curious of the changes etc.
I really just want rid of the 'unregistered' banner if possible.
Thanks again for your help.

Re: Updateing to 4.8.2 from 4.7.9

Posted: 03 Dec 2018, 07:21
by rednoah
The Windows Store version does not notify you about updates, because it's always up to date. The Windows Store version also can't be unregistered, because the license is baked in when you purchase and install via the Windows Store. You'll always get the latest version, and you can't downgrade.

So a lot of what you say makes no sense in the context of a Windows Store application. Sounds like you have unknowingly installed multiple versions, and are confusing yourself by running different versions at the same time.

:arrow: Best to just uninstall all versions of FileBot you have installed, and then ONLY install FileBot via the Windows Store, to make sure that you are in fact running the Windows Store version (because you currently are not).