Seeding, Hardlinks, Filebot Clarification

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Seeding, Hardlinks, Filebot Clarification

Post by pugdog » 17 Dec 2018, 00:06

when i use filebot to rename files that i am currently seeding, they get redownloaded because the torrent client sees that the files are moved

i am trying to find a solution other than having 2 copies of the files and wasting lots of space. Same for Sonarr

i keep seeing people saying that Filebot can create hardlinks that can be seen by both Plex and torrent client , but i dont see anything about this function in the application

it seems like i am missing something.... i cannot figure out how to make hardlinks either manually or with filebot..

does anyone know a good way to do this? i really appreciate it

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Re: Seeding, Hardlinks, Filebot Clarification

Post by rednoah » 17 Dec 2018, 07:28

Yes, FileBot does support hardlinks.

GUI: Rename Options (the tools button on the bottom right)Hardlink

CLI: Set --action hardlink option.
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