FileSystemException ... Operation not permitted

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FileSystemException ... Operation not permitted

Post by maindude » 23 Jul 2017, 11:50

When I try to rename something stored on my desktop, I get the FileSystemException ... Operation not permitted error. I checked permissions are read/write for all users and applied to all sub folders etc. Nothing helping so far. It always used to work perfectly. Any hints? This doesn't appear to be the same as the SMB issue on this forum as not renaming over a network or foreign file volume.

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Re: FileSystemException ... Operation not permitted

Post by rednoah » 23 Jul 2017, 17:20

Does it work for files in your home folder?

Are you trying to process the files of one user with another user? The MAS sandbox will impose additional restrictions on what an application can do, so there's a few things that you can do, that a sandboxed app is not allowed.

I don't know what exactly you're doing, but if you try a few different things you might be able to narrow down what's allowed and what's not.
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