Automated moving and deletion of files

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Automated moving and deletion of files

Post by gebb » 22 Oct 2017, 12:43


I'd like to be able to have FileBot only rename the actual video files into a new sorted directory and delete the legacy folders and files (ie subtitles, sfv etc). Im unable to see these options within the preferences anywhere.

Running FileBot GUI version 4.7.12 (installed via app store)
On macOS Sierra v10.12.6

My previous experience has been using FileBot on my Synology NAS which was brilliant however my NAS doesnt supports Synology DSM 6 onwards and stopped working so have bought the paid Mac version as a substitute. My previous script on the NAS is below which worked flawlessly.

filebot -script 'fn:amc' '/volume1/downloads/new unsorted' --output '/volume1/downloads/new sorted' --action move -non-strict --conflict auto --lang en --def 'subtitles=eng' 'clean=y' 'skipExtract=y' 'excludeList=.excludes' --log all --log-file '/volume1/@appstore/filebot-node/filebot.log'

Thanks in advance


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Re: Automated moving and deletion of files

Post by rednoah » 22 Oct 2017, 23:06

The GUI and the CLI provide distinctively different features. The GUI does not allow you to delete files.

If you're happy with the amc script, then I'd just install the command-line tools and run the same command as you did before.
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