Filebot 4.8 OSX Homebrew

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Filebot 4.8 OSX Homebrew

Post by verbitan » 21 May 2018, 17:01


OSX Homebrew uses Sourceforge to download FileBot, however Sourceforge has not been updated with the latest release.

Should Sourceforge be updated or should Homebrew? If it's the latter, then where should I get the release from (then I'll update Homebrew).

Thanks for any help!

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Re: Filebot 4.8 OSX Homebrew

Post by rednoah » 22 May 2018, 05:47

The CLI tools for Mac are currently stuck at the last free release because Apple doesn't allow CLI tools in the Mac App Store. If you're using the CLI, then FileBot 4.7.9 with Java 8 are the way to go for now. It should work fine, but let me know if you experience any issues.
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