[FileBot Node] Frequently Asked Questions

Support for Synology NAS, QNAP NAS and other Embedded Linux systems
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[FileBot Node] Frequently Asked Questions

Post by rednoah » 25 Aug 2019, 04:58

Please read the Installation Notes for your platform:
:idea: Please also read Unattended Automation with FileBot Node if you're new to FileBot Node.

Q: Why is FileBot Node is not working?

What does the log say? The log will tell you why FileBot Node is crashing on startup and thus can't serve requests. You'll need to login via SSH and use the find and cat commands to find and display the log file.

Q: Where is the log file?

Please login via SSH and use the find command to find the log file:

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find / -name filebot-node.log

e.g. Synology NAS:

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sudo cat /var/log/upstart/filebot-node.log

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cat /opt/filebot-node/filebot-node.log

e.g. Expected log entries that tell us that the filebot-node service is up and running:

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USER { ... }
filebot-node listening at
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.

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