Bad Gateway?

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Bad Gateway?

Post by nzdreamer55 » 10 Jan 2020, 03:10

Hello everyone,

I wanted to test a different series format and ran a dry run but got the following

Code: Select all

Rename episodes using [TheTVDB] with [Airdate Order]
Auto-detected query: [The Twilight Zone 1985, The Twilight Zone 2002, The Simpsons, the twilight zone]
Fetch failed:
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Failed to retrieve authorization token: Bad Gateway
	at net.filebot.web.TheTVDBClient.getAuthorizationToken(
	at net.filebot.web.TheTVDBClient.getRequestHeader(
	at net.filebot.web.TheTVDBClient.lambda$requestJson$0(
	at net.filebot.CachedResource.lambda$fetchIfModified$9(
	at net.filebot.CachedResource.lambda$get$0(
	at net.filebot.CachedResource.retry(
	at net.filebot.CachedResource.lambda$get$1(
	at net.filebot.Cache.computeIf(
	at net.filebot.CachedResource.get(
	at net.filebot.web.TheTVDBClient.requestJson(
	at net.filebot.web.TheTVDBClient.fetchSearchResult(
	at net.filebot.WebServices$TheTVDBClient.access$101(
	at net.filebot.WebServices$TheTVDBClient.lambda$fetchSearchResult$4(
Caused by: [502 Bad Gateway]
	at net.filebot.web.WebRequest.checkErrorCode(
	at net.filebot.web.TheTVDBClient.postJson(
	at net.filebot.web.TheTVDBClient.getAuthorizationToken(
	... 13 more

HttpServerError: Bad Gateway
Finished without processing any files
Abort (×_×)
Is this because of my series format or something wrong with thetvdb?


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Re: Bad Gateway?

Post by rednoah » 10 Jan 2020, 16:13

TheTVDB has server-side issues these days. Please try again tomorrow.
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.

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