Slow execution and Java errors on Synology

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Slow execution and Java errors on Synology

Post by Ppyromann »

Hi, Filebot has been running flawlessly on my Synology NAS for years, a while ago my license expired and I am just getting around to getting it up and running again.

I ran into an error trying to activate a newly purchased license. So I updated Filebot Node, Filebot, Node.js, and Java and was able to get the new license activated.

My first attempt of executing a script did not finish for 12+ hours and I ended up cancelling it through filebot node and rebooting the system. I made a small test share with just 3 files in it to try to get it working. After multiple attempts, where it would seem to hang just after displaying the xattr: lines, I was finally able to get a run to complete. The log file shows multiple "java language code" errors. Full Pastebin log below

Sysinfo Log included below.

Code: Select all

filebot -script 'fn:sysinfo' --log-file '/usr/local/filebot-node/data/filebot.log'
FileBot 4.9.2 (r8046)
JNA Native: 6.1.0
MediaInfo: 20.08
Tools: p7zip/9.20 unrar/5.21 ffprobe/3.3.7
Extended Attributes: OK
Unicode Filesystem: OK
Script Bundle: 2020-12-01 (r724)
Groovy: 3.0.6
JRE: OpenJDK Runtime Environment 15.0.1
JVM: 32-bit OpenJDK Client VM
CPU/MEM: 2 Core / 405 MB Max Memory / 24 MB Used Memory
OS: Linux (arm)
HW: Linux DiskStation 3.10.105 #25426 SMP Mon Dec 14 18:44:29 CST 2020 armv7l GNU/Linux synology_armada38x_ds416j
CPU/MEM: ARMv7 Processor rev 1 (v7l) | Marvell Armada 380/381/382/383/384/385/388 (Device Tree) [MemTotal: 524 MB | MemFree: 11 MB | SwapCached: 19 MB | SwapTotal: 2.1 GB | SwapFree: 2.0 GB]
STORAGE: ext4 [/] @ 1.3 GB | ext4 [/volume1] @ 5.0 TB
DATA: /volume1/@appstore/filebot/data/1024
Package: SPK
License: FileBot License P21926688 (Valid-Until: 2022-01-12)
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Re: Slow execution and Java errors on Synology

Post by rednoah »

The DS416j has 512 MB of memory so that should generally be enough, but just barely. If there's other memory hungry services running (e.g. Plex) then it'll run out of RAM and the OS will start using SWAP, and that will slowing down everything.

:?: What exactly are you doing? What amc script are you trying to execute? How many files are you trying to process at once? The -no-index option can help if you're running filebot on low-memory devices, so it's worth a try just to see if it makes a difference.

:?: If you login via SSH and run htop, when things slow down, what do you see? SWAP usage? CPU usage? MemFree: 11 MB indicates that you're already low on RAM even though you're just running filebot -script fn:sysinfo, so if you call then amc script that will eat and extra 256 MB of RAM at least.

Illegal language code: af is just random debug logging related guessing the subtitle language when processing subtitle files. Newer revision of FileBot will reduce the log level and hide these messages:

:idea: If you only process video files, then this message will never appear.

:idea: Whatever the root cause for FileBot not working well on your DS416j may be, this warning message is likely unrelated to that and can be ignored.
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.
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