[Windows] FileBot vs FileBot (platform)

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[Windows] FileBot vs FileBot (platform)

Post by rednoah » 09 Sep 2014, 09:22

If you installed FileBot via the Windows Installer you will find 3 executables:

* filebot.exe for CLI usage (or GUI with error console if called without arguments)
* filebot.launcher.exe for starting the GUI application
* filebot.launcher.platform.exe for starting the GUI application with alternative configuration

You can check the corresponding *.l4j.ini files for the configuration options for each filebot launcher.

What's the difference?

FileBot [filebot.launcher.exe] will give the best user experience (Windows Look, Windows Shell MOVE/COPY, DirectX graphics pipeline, etc) while FileBot (platform) [filebot.laucher.platform.exe] will give the most platform-independent experience, and thus work around potential Windows issues... like DirectX not working via Remote Desktop, rename operations being ignored when only character casing is changed, modded Windows UI crashing Windows Swing LaF, missing support for Extended Attributes on FAT filesystems, etc. It'll also use the Java API for MOVE/COPY operations and not Windows Shell.
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