@file syntax for reading cmdline args from text files

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@file syntax for reading cmdline args from text files

Post by rednoah » 07 Dec 2015, 07:17

Passing complex arguments that contain lots of special characters like $!%'" to a command-line tool can be tricky. Correctly escaping such arguments for cmd or bash can get very painful very quickly.

Argument Files:

FileBot allows you specify argument files via @/path/to/file syntax, so you can pass in your complex command-line arguments via separate text files line by line without having to worry about quoting or escaping anything.

e.g. @file usage

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filebot -script fn:amc /input --output /output --def @/path/to/args.txt
e.g. /path/to/args.txt

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  • Argument files must not contain byte order marks (i.e. do not use Microsoft tools for editing text files)
  • Argument files are read with the default encoding (i.e. CP1252 on Windows, UTF-8 on Linux and Mac)
:!: DO NOT use Microsoft tools such as Notepad or Word to edit plain text files. Use proper tools such as Notepad++ or Sublime Text instead.

Binding Value:

You may also pass --def script binding values via UTF-8 encoded text files. That's handy when passing in complex multi-line formats.

e.g. --def [email protected] usage

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filebot -script fn:amc /input --output /output --def [email protected]/path/to/MovieFormat.groovy
e.g. /path/to/MovieFormat.groovy

Code: Select all

[ allOf {ny}
        { allOf {vf}
, allOf {ny}
]*.findResults { 
    if (it) it.toString()
}*.join(' ')
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