Commander McBragg (airdates not known)

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Commander McBragg (airdates not known)

Post by RBCC » 23 Dec 2017, 05:30

I only know that Commander McBragg was on TV in 1964 on Saturdays, I would like to us TVDB to rename it but I would like to make my own file for the airdates only, using the GUI to do episode and season, title and name of show. Can I put the airdates in a text file and get the other data off of TVDB? how is this done? John

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Re: Commander McBragg (airdates not known)

Post by rednoah » 23 Dec 2017, 09:10

Yes, but not easy. It's possible to do that in the format, but this kind of formatting logic would require some programming background.

Here's an example that reads information from companion files to use as part of the filename:
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