How to put leading 'the' at the end of the title?

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How to put leading 'the' at the end of the title?

Post by rainbow » 13 Mar 2019, 14:43

I'm sure this has been asked a million times, but I didn't really find out how to do it...

So there's a number of things I want to move to the end of a movie title:
- the, a, an
- le, la
- der, die, das
...and, obvisouly, I want to end up with 'Sting, the' instead of 'The sting'.

Would it be possible to have all this stuff in a small little .txt-file, so it doesn't clutter up my format expression?

right now my expression looks like this:

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{n.colon(":")} [{y} - {director.replaceFirst(/(\w)(\w+) (\w+)/, '$1. $3')} - {(minutes/60) as int}h{minutes-(((minutes/60) as int)*60)}m - {genres.take(3).join(', ')} - {actors.take(2)*.replaceFirst(/(\w)(\w+) (\w+)/, '$1. $3').join(', ')} - {fn.matchAll(/deutsch|deu|english|eng|french/).join()} - {rating}]
Oh, and (completely unrelated): Is it possible to have a multi-line editor for this expression in filebot? Or is it always just one line, and if my expression gets more complex its best to use another editor and copy/paste into filebot?

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Re: How to put leading 'the' at the end of the title?

Post by rednoah » 13 Mar 2019, 14:58

String.sortName() does it for English, but for other languages you'll need to pass in the regex pattern yourself:

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n.sortName('$2, $1')

Since you are writing Groovy code, you can use Groovy to read files.


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("/path/to/file" as File).text

If it's just a few regular expressions you wanna maintain elsewhere, then you can also use environment variables:

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