Is it possible for someone to upload more "How-To" videos on Youtube for FileBot CMD line?

Running FileBot from the console, Groovy / FileBot scripting, shell scripts, etc
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Is it possible for someone to upload more "How-To" videos on Youtube for FileBot CMD line?

Post by PCe » 23 Apr 2019, 19:03

I have noticed there are many other people besides myself having many simple "easy to answer" / "easy to show" questions and issues with FileBot CMD line functions. Many many places; from plex, filebot, emby, reddit forums having almost identical questions to mine. A lot are giving up and I'd like to be able to be one of the ones who has success with FileBot and not one who gives up on it since I recently decided to buy license.

Reason for my thread, I would like maybe the developer and other veterans, to possibly update the current videos that exist and also make more videos showing command line executions with filebot. A lot of people on youtube with filebot are showing the GUI of Filebot but not really showing users "how to" videos for the "cmd line functions" and the ones that already exist are from ages ago or for post processing downloaded torrent automations...

Really strange that FileBot has blown up the way it has but the videos that would best help give it's users a visual understanding are so outdated, old, or nonexistent... This thread, is in no way made to upset developer or users who have been using this for a long time that already know everything there is to know about Filebot, but more of a reminder to please not forget about us not so smart newbies :) I know life gets busy and we get occupied with other things but little small videos sharing your knowledge and know-hows are a life-saver, stress reliever, and time-saver for so many if they existed.

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Re: Is it possible for someone to upload more "How-To" videos on Youtube for FileBot CMD line?

Post by rednoah » 24 Apr 2019, 05:11

By nature, CLI tutorials lend themselves to text based tutorials (can't copy and paste a video) much more than video based tutorials (plus the GUI works the same in all OSes while CMD, PowerShell, bash, etc have significant difference when it comes to command-line parsing). You will find many text based tutorials here in the forums that teach you the basics of using command-line tools and how to tackle problems.

:arrow: That being said, feel free to ask if you have any specific problem, and then we'll see about the best way of writing instructional materials for that. ;)
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