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[DOCS] --apply post-processing features

Posted: 14 Sep 2019, 20:35
by rednoah
Apply Post-Processing Features via Rename

(requires FileBot r7504 or higher) Some post-processing features can be enabled for newly renamed files via Image Renaming SettingsImage Apply.

Apply Post-Processing Features via Filter

Some post-processing features can be applied to an existing set of files via AttributesImage Apply assuming that xattr metadata is readily available.

Apply Post-Processing Features via the --apply option from Terminal

--apply can be added to -rename and -mediainfo calls to enable common post-processing tasks for newly renamed files.


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--apply artwork nfo url metadata

Fetch series / movie artwork for newly added files:

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--apply artwork
:idea: The --apply artwork cover nfo url post-processing features assume a {plex} compatible folder structure.

Fetch folder.jpg files for newly added series / movie folders:

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--apply cover

Generate *.nfo files for series / movie folders:

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--apply nfo

Generate *.url files for movie folders:

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--apply url

Fetch subtitles in the preferred language:

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--apply subtitles

Generate hidden .xattr folders with xattr metadata in plain file format:

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--apply metadata
:idea: The FileBot Xattr Metadata Scanners & Plug-ins for Plex uses .xattr folders to avoid cross-platform and cross-device limitations of native filesystem xattr. (e.g. network shares, FAT filesystem, etc)

Set the Last-Modified and Creation-Date timestamp to the episode airdate / movie release date:

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--apply date

Write mkv and mp4 tags via the mkvpropedit (i.e. mkvtoolnix package) and mp4tags (i.e. mp4v2 package) command-line tools:

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--apply tag

Copy companion files (e.g. trailers, subtitles, artwork, etc) along from the original folder to the new location:

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--apply import

Delete left-behind empty folders:

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--apply prune

Delete left-behind clutter files and folders:

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--apply clean

Refresh file services and media library:

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--apply refresh
** only supported on Synology NAS and QNAP NAS platforms