[PLEX] FileBot Xattr Metadata Scanners & Plug-ins

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[PLEX] FileBot Xattr Metadata Scanners & Plug-ins

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FileBot Xattr Metadata Scanners & Plug-ins

Enhance Plex with support for FileBot Xattr Metadata.


1. Download plex-agents.zip from GitHub.
2. Copy the Scanners and Plug-ins folders into the Plex Media Server
3. Restart Plex
4. Configure Manage Library ➔ Edit... ➔ Advanced ➔ Scanner for each library and configure FileBot Xattr Movie Scanner / Plex Movie or FileBot Xattr Series Scanner / TheTVDB as Scanner / Agent pair respectively
5. Configure Settings ➔ Agents and make sure that FileBot Xattr Metadata is disabled and at the bottom in the order of preference

FileBot Xattr Metadata Scanner

The FileBot Xattr Scanner will read name / year / season / episode / etc from xattr metadata instead of guessing and parsing information from the file path. This scanner will greatly enhance primary agents such as Plex Movie or TheTVDB, regardless of whether files are named according to {plex} standards or not. Files without xattr metadata will be ignored.


FileBot Xattr Metadata Agent

The FileBot Xattr Metadata secondary agent can contribute title / airdate / etc from xattr metadata instantly, to improve your browsing experience while the primary agent is still busy in the background retrieving complete movie and episode information and artwork.


I would imagine the following benefits / features to be most notable:
  1. The scanner will only "see" files that have been processed and tagged by FileBot, and ignore all other files.
  2. The movie scanner result will include the guid property, so it'll behave as if files are named with {imdbid} in the file name (e.g. Avatar (2009) [tt0499549]) even if the actual file name doesn't include that information. (@see FileBot Xattr Movie Scanner.py)
  3. The series scanner will include both name and year properties for each result, even if the year is not in the series folder name. (@see FileBot Xattr Series Scanner.py)
  4. The scanner is able to provide source information such as BluRay even if the file path no longer contains that piece of information after files have been renamed.
  5. The scanners will be able to provide the original name literally as listed in the database, even if that name contains characters like :, ?, /, ., -, etc that can't be used in the file path, or treated as meaningless whitespace-equivalent.
  6. If you're using the Personal Media agent, then xattr can be used as secondary agent, to fill in some of the missing information (e.g. episode titles). It's not a replacement for full-fledged TheTVDB / TheMovieDB agents, but it is 1000x faster to complete (i.e. no network requests at all) and possibly good enough depending on what you need.
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