rtorrent not launch my script

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rtorrent not launch my script

Post by drsky »

hello, i'm trying to run filebot when a torrent ends, but it seems that rtorrent does not launch filebot at the end of the torrents.

.rtorrent.rc :

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etwork.scgi.open_port =
encoding.add = UTF-8
network.port_range.set = 45000-65000
network.port_random.set = no
pieces.hash.on_completion.set = no
directory.default.set = /home/tout/torrents
session.path.set = /home/tout/.session
protocol.encryption.set = allow_incoming, try_outgoing, enable_retry
schedule2 = watch_directory,1,1,load.start=/home/tout/watch/*.torrent
schedule2 = untied_directory,5,5,stop_untied=/home/tout/watch/*.torrent
schedule2 = espace_disque_insuffisant,1,30,close_low_diskspace=500M
trackers.use_udp.set = yes
dht.mode.set = off
protocol.pex.set = no
throttle.min_peers.normal.set = 40
throttle.max_peers.normal.set = 100
throttle.min_peers.seed.set = 10
throttle.max_peers.seed.set = 50
throttle.max_uploads.set = 15
execute2 = {sh,-c,/usr/bin/php /var/www/rutorrent/php/initplugins.php tout &}
method.set_key = event.download.finished,filebot_amc,"execute.nothrow.bg={/home/tout/rtorrent-postprocess,$d.get_base_path=,$d.get_name=,$d.get_custom1=}"
rtorrent-postprocess :

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filebot -script fn:sysenv > "/home/tout/log.txt" 2>&1
filebot --lang fr -script fn:amc --output "/home/tout/Media" --log-file "/home/tout/.session/amc.log" --action symlink --conflict override -non-strict --def music=y artwork=y "ut_dir=$TORRENT_PATH" "ut_kind=multi" "ut_title=$TORRENT_NAME" "ut_label=$TORRENT_LABEL" &
if anyone has an idea thank you in advance
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Re: rtorrent not launch my script

Post by rednoah »

Here's some general help:

You may or may not have read this already:

There seem to be different versions of rT around that work slightly different. What version of rT are you using?

:idea: But generally speaking, if rT isn't calling FileBot in the first place, then you may find more qualified help in the rT forums. Please keep up posted here as well though if you find a solution.
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.
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