Skip some folders using script - fn:suball

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Skip some folders using script - fn:suball

Post by polux400 » 08 Jan 2013, 20:49

Hello there,

Thanks to Rednoah's help, i'm now running daily a script to downloads my missing subtitles in english and french for both TVshow and movies.
It's perfectly working and integrated with my Plex mediacenter.

I'm currently trying to improve my script because of quota reached on Opensubtitles / sublight (I'm logged thanks to Rednoah's script but it's not enough :p)
I think the quota is the number of request for subtitles, and my problem is that i have a lot of TVshow that I don't need subtitles for and don't exist and OS/sublight/subscene.

So, here is my idea/question :
Is it possible to add an arg to my script to skip looking for missing subtitles for entire folders or create some file in a folder and if my script find it, skip the entire folder... ?

My main script is (x times) :

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filebot -script fn:suball "F:\Series" --lang en -non-strict
thanks !!


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Re: Skip some folders using script - fn:suball

Post by rednoah » 09 Jan 2013, 02:29

Just start by downloading the suball script and then making the modifications you need. It's really just gonna boil down to an extra line like this: if( =~ /a|b|c/) { ... }
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