[DOCS] Set title metadata

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[DOCS] Set title metadata

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FileBot does not modify files, so it can't set or delete embedded metadata for mkv or mp4 files. You can use 3rd party tools such as mkvpropedit to automatically modify embedded metadata.

Example: Automatically set MKV title metadata:

Newer versions of FileBot support the -exec option for the -rename and -mediainfo commands:

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-exec mkvpropedit {f} --edit info --set title={object}
The amc script has had support for --def exec=command for a long time:

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--def exec="mkvpropedit {quote f} --edit info --set title={quote object}"

:idea: Since we're modifying the file content, using --action copy or --action clone (on supported platforms) is highly recommended.


The new tags script can now be used to write embedded tags based on xattr metadata:
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.
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