Updated Plex Agent & Naming Schema changes support

All about user-defined episode / movie format expressions
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Updated Plex Agent & Naming Schema changes support

Post by niavasha »

Hey Rednoah

As the new Plex Agent now supports a much richer structure for file names, is it possible to bring these changes into Filebot in a consistent way?

Example being from here: https://trash-guides.info/Radarr/Radarr ... ng-scheme/ where the recommendation for Radarr is to use :

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{Movie CleanTitle} {(Release Year)} {Edition Tags} [imdb-{ImdbId}]{[Custom Formats]}{[Quality Full]}{[MediaInfo 3D]}{[MediaInfo VideoDynamicRangeType]}{[Mediainfo AudioCodec}{ Mediainfo AudioChannels}][{Mediainfo VideoCodec}]{-Release Group}
This results in lovely named files such as :

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The Movie Title (2010) Ultimate Extended Edition [imdb-tt0066921][IMAX HYBRID][Bluray-1080p Proper][3D][DV HDR10][DTS 5.1][x264]-EVOLVE
It'd be great to make this into something like

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although obviously people may want to customize.

I've ended up with :

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{n} {(y)} {tags} [imdb-{imdbid}]{[formats]}{[quality]}{[hdr]}[{bitdepth}bit][{vc}]{ac}{af}]{-group}
but this doesn't always work perfectly, so, wondering if you have any suggestions, enhancements, optimizations, etc, etc etc.

Cheers beers

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Re: Updated Plex Agent & Naming Schema changes support

Post by rednoah »

{plex.id} will give you the {plex} format with ID tags:

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{ plex.id }

:idea: You can mix in additional custom information like so:

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{ plex % {" by $director"} % {" [$vf, $vc, $ac]"} }

:idea: Writing your own custom format that does exactly what you want is perfectly fine. The more you want to tailor things to your specific fancy, the more you want to write things yourself, because there are infinite variations on "rich" naming, and so to each their own. That's what we have custom format for after all.
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.
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