{info} details for series

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{info} details for series

Post by devster »

I'm using TheMovieDB::TV for series and I was wondering why I can't find the {info.OriginalLanguage} binding there.
The website seems to support the information: https://www.themoviedb.org/tv/78941 but the binding doesn't seem to be there.

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filebot -rename --db TheMovieDB::TV --action test --format '{info.OriginalLanguage}' Aggretsuko.S01.JAPANESE/Aggretsuko.S01E01.mkv
* Consider using --mode interactive to enable interactive mode
Rename episodes using [TheMovieDB] with [Airdate]
Lookup via [Aggretsuko]
Fetching episode data for [Aggretsuko]
Binding "OriginalLanguage": undefined
net.filebot.format.SuppressedThrowables: Expression yields empty value: Binding "OriginalLanguage": undefined
	at net.filebot.format.ExpressionFormat.format(Unknown Source)
	at net.filebot.format.ExpressionFormat.format(Unknown Source)
	at net.filebot.cli.CmdlineOperations.formatMatch(Unknown Source)
	at net.filebot.cli.CmdlineOperations.getRenameMap(Unknown Source)
	at net.filebot.cli.CmdlineOperations.renameSeries(Unknown Source)
	at net.filebot.cli.CmdlineOperations.rename(Unknown Source)
	at net.filebot.cli.ArgumentProcessor.runCommand(Unknown Source)
	at net.filebot.cli.ArgumentProcessor.run(Unknown Source)
	at net.filebot.Main.main(Unknown Source)
Caused by: net.filebot.format.BindingException: Binding "OriginalLanguage": undefined
	at net.filebot.format.MediaBindingBean.undefined(Unknown Source)
	at net.filebot.format.AssociativeScriptObject.get(Unknown Source)
	at Script1.run(Script1.groovy:1)
	at net.filebot.format.SecureCompiledScript.lambda$eval$0(Unknown Source)
	at net.filebot.format.SecureCompiledScript.eval(Unknown Source)
	... 9 more

Error (o_O)
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Re: {info} details for series

Post by rednoah »


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$ filebot -list --q "Aggretsuko" --db TheMovieDB::TV --filter "s == 1 && e == 1" --format "{info.OriginalLanguage}"

:idea: I'm using the latest revision. Support for this particular field may have been introduced recently.
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.
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