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name - S13 Episode 1 - solved

Posted: 07 May 2019, 22:02
by notyourtarkin

Using 'name - S13 Episode 1' i like it, its clean. All i get is either the S missing or the Season number (13) missing, space or no space. these are

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{n} - {S}{S00} Episode{e00}
name - 13 Episode 1

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{n} - S{s00} Episode {e00}
name - S Episode 1

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{n} - S{sc} Episode {e00}
- close but new problem
name - S14 Episode 1

Since S (season) is consistent with the title series. Please can someone tell me the workaround? thanks.

Before posting i found a advance solution but will post anyway, in case someone wants it.

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{'.')} - {'S'+s.pad(2)} Episode {e.pad(2)}

name - S13 Episode 1

which i got from here
Advanced Examples

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