Naming sports/fight cards that are sequential

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Naming sports/fight cards that are sequential

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Hi there trying to figure out optimal naming procedure for fight cards for say UFC/Kickboxing events. Not all UFC cards are numbered (ex UFC 200) they have fight cards like Ultimate Fight Night cards, UFC on ESPN, UFC on Fox etc. Looked in Filebot and they are not all in there and seem to be off. Would I have to put them in a numerical order such as: 1. UFC 200 2. UFC Fight Night 130 3. UFC 201.

See example from wikipedia. Just wondering how these would work or should be named in Plex so I can get a result that lists events in order from oldest to newest in order. Thanks in advance!

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Re: Naming sports/fight cards that are sequential

Post by rednoah »

You will need to match your files against TheTVDB (Episode Mode) or TheMovieDB (Movie Mode) and then Plex will pick it up like any other TV Series or Movie.

If your files match TheMovieDB naming, then use TheMovieDB:

If your files match TheTVDB naming and numbering, then use TheTVDB:

:idea: Once Plex can identify your files, then you can choose how to display them. If you choose to process files as in Movie Mode, then you may want to have a dedicated UFC Movie-type library in Plex so that you can view UFC events by release date.
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.
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