Naming files from local PLEX database

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Naming files from local PLEX database

Post by MaxNZ » 07 Oct 2017, 12:52


I have flex database fully populated with correct data for each movie/show. However, file names are all out of wack, so I wanted to use Filebot to rename files based on existing Flex database. So when renaming files I'd like Filebot to lookup my local PLEX database instead of online one.. How can this be done? Thanks

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Re: Naming files from local PLEX database

Post by rednoah » 07 Oct 2017, 22:05

There is no built-in support.

It's perfectly possible though, by writing a custom format that somehow talks to the database and gives you the correct file path based on that. You'd need some Java/Groovy skills for that.

If you could export your database into an easy-to-read file then it'd be much easier:
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Re: Naming files from local PLEX database

Post by adila10 » 22 Jan 2019, 11:26

The scanners and metadata agents used by Plex will work best when your major types of content are separated from each other. Local Media Assets” is an Agent source that loads local media files or They're specified by using specific naming at the end of the filename.

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