TV Episode display format with Kodi

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TV Episode display format with Kodi

Post by manc » 11 Nov 2018, 07:48

Hi there, sorry for a noob question. I have done quite a few searches on these forums but not been able to find what I am looking for so please don't flame me as I don't have a great knowledge of FileBot just yet...

My TV series files are in good naming order such as "Show Name - S03E06" etc. I purchased FileBot as I wanted to get rid of the 1x01 file name after the files have been scanned by the TVDB scraper in Kodi.

For an example, I have a 2 Broke Girls file named as "2 Broke Girls - S01E02". Before using FileBot this would pull the correct TV Episode information but in Kodi this displays as "1x2 And the Break-up Scene". When I run FileBot it will display as I would like "2 Broke Girls - S01E02 - And the Break-up Scene". However it still displays "1x2 And the Break-up Scene". Is this a limitation of Kodi or am I missing something? Probably something simple.

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Re: TV Episode display format with Kodi

Post by kim » 11 Nov 2018, 23:53

this is a Kodi "problem"
try asking here

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Re: TV Episode display format with Kodi

Post by rednoah » 13 Nov 2018, 06:23

Keep in mind that Kodi representation of data is independent of filenames.

Good filenames allow Kodi to understand the files as episode objects. And then the theme or user preferences in Kodi can then display that information in any way you prefer (though might depend on the theme and what they allow you to configure).

Best to check in the Kodi forums. Maybe just a matter of a checkbox somewhere in the Kodi configuration.
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